Providing easy to use functionality to our pilots!


The online calendar is the heart of apron:pilot. Every aircraft gets a calendar that allows pilots to make reservations, ammend or delete them. Administrators and power users are also able to modify or cancel reservations of others.
Week, month and list view for an easy overview
Reservation conflicts are automatically recognized
Dashboard and "My Reservations"
Waiting list feature with notifications
Rating check (e.g. valid SEP rating, internal check flight,...) for each reservation
Grounding and comments possible
Subscribe to reservations via an iCal internet calendar link
Reservation requests, which require approval

Managing a

The digital logbook allows you to manage logbook entries digitally and use them as a basis for invoicing (coming soon). Also hobbs or total time in service counters can be used. Other pilots can check the logbook already at home.

Administrators and power users can also generate entries for other pilots
Initial setup entry for each aircraft (number of landings, total flight time)
Different counters (flight time, hobbs time, total time in service)
Additional information, e.g. type of flight, oil or fuel added, comment on status, ...
Custom configurable additional counter (e.g. engine time, fuel consumption, ...)
Logbook Export to spreadsheet file for further processing


The maintenance forecast feature assists your planning activities for the maintenance of the aircraft. By using the estimated flight time, that your pilots enter for reservations, the system calculates the date, when the maintenance interval will be reached.

This information is supported by graphical representation in yellow or red color, to immediately get your attention when it is needed.

By also indicating the forecast reliability you can make sure that your maintenance planning is inline with the real world situation.

Easy Invoicing

Time calculations, pilot specific credits, individual aircraft prices, fuel refunds and more can create complexity. The invoicing module combines all these functions flawlessly and assists during your invoicing activities in an easy to use module.

Create electronic invoices based on digital logbook entries
An approval process prevents sending by mistake
Pilots can upload fuel cost receipts directly to the flight.
Several custom options & configurations

Defect Management

The defect management function makes it possible to log defects or damaged in a short and digital way. Automatic notifications, comment functions, and a short integrated workflow make managing easy. Members no longer need to exchange emails or messages, but do it all short and easy digitally.

For administrators & power users there is a defect overview, which can also be exported as a PDF or Excel file for further processing outside the system.


One login

apron:pilot allows pilots to be part of several flight clubs, flight schools etc., who are using apron:pilot, but only use one login (e-mail and password).

As a logged-in user you can easily switch the account via the sidebar. Pilots only have one login if they are assigned to multiple accounts, e.g. Flight School A and Flight Club B - they can simply switch the account in the application, no need for multiple usernames and passwords

Advantages: One username and password for login, all accounts accessible without logging out and in again with different credentials, less credentials to remember

Ratings at a glance!

In apron:pilot you can define your own ratings. No matter if SEP(A), MEP(A), Medical, BFR or others - a user-defined configuration allows to define arbitrary ratings and to assign them user-specific or aircraft-specific.

Each pilot receives a warning, in case a rating is about to lapse via the the dashboard or profile.

Administrators can view the status of the members and their ratings at any time via the overview functions and export them as PDF or EXCEL.

Define ratings yourself & assign a name to it

User specific assignment only for selected pilots

Aircraft specific, only for aircraft, e.g. SEP, MEP etc.

Ratings are taken are considered for the user import

Overview function for administrators about all members & ratings

Export of data as PDF or Excel (archiving & verification function)

Pilot and an easy, lightweight aircraft management function
User importer allows mass import and user generation with xls or xlsx files (less manual action in the application)
NOTAM publishing for distributing information directly in the application
METAR and TAF information via an external interface for your homebase
Online help available within the application describing all functionality
User interface and online help available in German and English language


With apron:pilot being a lightweight solution you still get plenty of functionality! Focused on having everything available on mobile devices, as lightweight, fast and intuitive to use as possible.

Responsive first.

We have designed apron:pilot to be fully functional on smartphones and tablets, as wells as laptops or desktop computers. However, mobile first.

We keep our secrets!

Personal data security is important to us. Therefore we have taken particular measure to ensure, that your personal contact data is stored securely. This is on one site already ensured by the webhosting company and the webserver security.


Personal data (name, e-mail, address information etc.) are stored encrypted

Users decide

Users can individually decide, if they want to share personal information with other pilots.

Austrian Hosting

Application and data is stored on local servers in Austria

Daily Backups

Daily backup processes ensuring minimum to no data loss

Sounds good?

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