Improvements with 1.1.5-1 now in October

Update to 1.1.5-1 is scheduled for October 29, between 18:00Z 19:00Z

Here are all the changes as Release Notes:


  • Improvements for the weather API widget on the dashboard have been implementend, mostly around the error handling and display of problems
  • Fixed: Pinned NOTAM would not show an icon if the NOTAM was saved with no icon and afterwards pinned

Digital Logbook

  • The system now remembers which page and which "items per page"-setting the user selected until a logout occurs. Example: If the user has visited page 2 of 5 of the logbook for aircraft N12345 and selects 7 items per page and he returns back to the list from the details view, he will arrive back on page 2 with the items per page setting of 7

Invoice Module

  • Fixed several issues with the new invoice credit mechanism, especially when credits would be split or distributed over several flights. Retesting and refactoring happend in the background to allow better performance and correct calculations.
  • New placeholders for the invoices have been introduced: #IF_ZERO# ... TEXT ... #IF_ZERO_END# and #LINE_BREAK#
  • External comment length has been increased to 800 characters now, allowing a bit more text to be added (especially useful with placeholders in use). Also the field becomes bigger when long text is entered.
  • For Payment Runs an internal note can now be entered and saved. This is useful for any internal notification to other colleagues or as future reminders.
  • The system now remembers which "items per page"-setting the user selected for invoice list, invoice credit list and payment run list until a logout occurs.
  • The electronic and PDF invoice now show "Quantity" (German: "Menge") instead of "Units" (German: Einheiten) and, if a time-based counter is used, e.g. flight time or additional counter via time, the unit indicator "min." (= Minutes, German: "Minuten") is shown, to be more in line with other real world invoices. Also the column "Price / unit" was renamed to "Rate" (German: "Satz"). Let us know if that works for you better, as it seems that each group handles it a bit differently.
  • Fixed: For custom invoice items a bug was fixed that sometimes created a "Not a number" (= "NaN") value in the price field, when changing the quantity. Also the wrong behaviour of formatting the price was optimized and fixed (correct format and rounding of decimals)
  • Fixed: For the additional counter the units were sometimes only saved with no decimals. This has been fixed now, the decimal values are correctly stored and shown in the invoice

Information NOTAM

  • Fixed: Pinned NOTAM would not show an icon if the NOTAM was saved with no icon and afterwards pinned

My reservations

  • Fixed: When opening the iCal overlay the copy-buttons were not working, which is fixed now

Settings Invoicing

  • A new placeholder has been introduced to allow a text, if the invoice amount is zero: #IF_ZERO# ... TEXT ... #IF_ZERO_END#. The placeholder and an example text has been configured for the default value as well, which can be viewed and changed in the SETTINGS > INVOICE section.
  • Another new placeholder has been introduced to allow a mandatory line-break, where not always possible to enter (e.g. in footer columns): #LINE_BREAK#
  • The refund for the new fuel type AVGAS UL 91 can now be configured, as always under Settings > Refunds

Administration Aircraft

  • Added fuel type AVGAS UL 91 to the master data so that you can also configure it for aircraft. Don't forget to configure it in the aircraft-details / logbook section
  • Fixed: A internal error occured when the initial logbook value and the next maintenance value were the same for a new aircraft

Administration NOTAM

  • Fixed: Pinned NOTAM would not show an icon if the NOTAM was saved with no icon and afterwards pinned

Administration Users

  • Fixed: When entering the aircraft price for a user which is the same amount as the configured amount the system would wrongly enter 0.


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